︎ Layout Design for MINT Magazine

As Creative Director at Stanford’s style and culture magazine, I  created story concepts, oversaw their production, designed layout spreads, and art directed additional layout design by the rest of our design team. 

Design, Art Direction, & Creative Direction: Annie Ng

︎ Photo Art Direction for MINT Magazine

I directed the conceptual focus for each issue of the magazine. I art directed, styled, and curated all our cover photography. I also assisted in photo shoot setup.

Creative Direction & Art Direction: Annie Ng
Styling: Annie Ng, courtesy of Bloomingdale’s
Photographers: Iman Floyd-Carroll, Sarah Ohta, Kelsey Wang

︎ Motion Graphics Reel

A selection of motion graphics for special events and promos for BET, VH1, and Comedy Central.

Art Directors: Brandon Lori, Corey Manning, Anita Nixon
Animators: Yusef Najafi, Anelisa Rosario, Nasra Mohamed

︎ The Daily Show: Relaunch 2023

Comedy Central

I designed the branding and campaign for the show’s relaunch after Trevor Noah’s departure in December 2022.

Art Direction & Design: Annie Ng Creative Director: Jamey Welch

︎ BET’s ‘The Art of the Come Up’: Rowdy Rebel 

‘The Art of the Come Up’ is a Webby-nominated series chronicling the career journeys of up-and-coming hip-hop artists. I designed this feature on Brooklyn rapper Rowdy Rebel. Link here

Design: Annie Ng
Art Direction: Anita Nixon

︎ BET Social

I created social media content for a range of BET platforms, stories, and events, such as the Super Bowl, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Soul Train Awards. 

Notably, I created ‘On This Day in Black History’, a new series sharing the stories of extraordinary events in Black history from ordinary dates. The aim was to encourage our audience to take pride in their heritage on every day of the year.

Design & Art Direction: Annie Ng

︎ Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens: AAPI Month

For AAPI Heritage Month 2022, I created 5 illustrations asking social media users questions about their Asian household experiences.

I also created an animated video showing off the show’s diverse Asian cast. Video link

Art Direction & Design: Annie Ng
Animator: Yusef Najafi 

︎ BET.com: 50 Years of Hip-Hop

Lead editorial collages celebrating the 50-year anniversary of hip-hop. For 6 articles on the most iconic hip-hop albums from each decade. 

Art Director: Anita Nixon

︎ The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Midterms 2022

Comedy Central

I designed Trevor Noah's final campaign as host of The Daily Show, promoting his coverage of the November 2022 midterm elections.

Design & Art Direction: Annie Ng
Creative Director: Jamey Welch
Production Design: Trevor Morris

︎ 1923

Paramount Network

I created key art for the third offering in Taylor Sheridan's 'Yellowstone' universe. This was an exercise in compositing; every piece was created using unit photography.

Design & Art Direction: Annie Ng
Senior Design Director: Brandon Lori
Photography: James Minchin

︎ Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens 
Comedy Central

I created key art, show packaging, promos, and stunt design for seasons 2 and 3. 

I used mosaic tiles as a simple graphic device to tie together viewers from Korea, China, and New York. As a guerilla marketing stunt, I created stickers of foods mentioned in the season to place on items in grocery stores.

I also assisted in photography art direction.  

Design & Art Direction: Annie Ng
Creative Direction: Paulina Niewinska & Ken Rosenkrantz
VPs of Design: Angelina Battista & Kazuomi Iwai

︎ Mayor of Kingstown

Paramount Network

Key art for Seasons 1 and 2. My concepts revolved around Mike McLusky’s complex relationship to freedom and entrapment - stuck between being responsible for the town, yet wishing to leave.

Design & Art Direction: Annie Ng
Logo Design: Brandon Lori
Creative Director: Jamey Welch

︎ Yellowstone

Paramount Network

I designed key art and a custom Yellowstone Amazon box to promote Season 5 of Yellowstone. The box, treated to look straight from the Dutton universe, was shipped to 1.05 million U.S. homes between Oct-Dec 2022 and nominated for a 2023 Promax Award.

Design: Annie Ng
Assisting Design: Kyson Cheong
Art Directors: Brandon Lori & Alysson Castro

Creative Director: Angelina Battista

︎ Smithsonian Channel

I created 20+ pieces of key art for Smithsonian Channel documentaries about culture, history, nature, and technology. I pushed for each piece to stand out from the typical ‘boring’ documentary by strategically compositing stock photography to create atmospheric, conceptually-driven art.

Note: These images reflect content assigned to me and are not indicative of my own views or beliefs. 

Designer: Annie Ng
Art Directors: Paulina Niewinska & Brandon Lori
Creative Director: Angelina Battista

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